The Oran'Thul Breakdown: Everything You Need to Know

While The Oran’Thul has been an active guild for over 15 years, we began using the name about 7 years ago.

We have a proven track record of being world best and server best on multiple MMOs. 

Guild Hierarchy

The Oran’Thul has a clear cut hierarchy, however, each role also holds the responsibilities of the role below them. For instance: The Guild Leader is expected to also assist with High Officer role requirements.

Guild Leader

The Guild Leader is responsible for executing our plans. While he provides important input on the guild’s movement, he does not provide the only input. He relies heavily on the support of both High Officers and Officers

High Officer

High Officers are responsible for managing the day to day requirements of the guild. Including, but not limited to, guild website moderation, guild social media management, guild community management, guild bank management, and loot council.


Officers are responsible for managing the day to day requirements of the guild. Including but not limited to, guild website moderation, guild community management, and loot council.



Veteran members have shown the dedication that The Oran’Thul looks for within its members. They have been active through the good times(MMOs) and bad times(co-op games). They are regularly active in Discord and are always looking for the next game to play with guildies. Hardcore & Member rankings can also have the Veteran rank(Veteran Hardcore or Veteran Member).


Our main force is composed of our most hardcore members, as such we have a rank rightfully named “Hardcore”. This rank has priority slots in player number limited content such as WoW raids. They are expected to attend all scheduled content and deliver the utmost dedication to their performance within the MMO. This rank is adjusted on a game by game basis and the available role slots are capped at the largest raid’s size. For instance, in Classic WoW the largest raids are 40 man thus the Hardcore ranking caps at 40 members. If a Hardcore member fails to show the qualities necessary for the rank(consistent failure to attend scheduled raids), they may be demoted and replaced with a Reserve member.


Reserve members are members who are striving for the Hardcore rank. As the Hardcore rank has a limited number of slots in high demand we may have more members striving for it than we can facilitate. Reserve members show the exact same qualities that Hardcore members must show including attending all scheduled events in the case of player slots becoming available. Reserve members receive 2nd priority on slots after Hardcore members.


The Members of The Oran’Thul make up the bulk of the guild. They have shown that they know greatness when they see it and applied to The Oran’Thul. These players have been handpicked from the bushels at birth to begin their training to be the strongest the gaming world has to offer. Years of rigorous battles have honed their skills to perfection. They dedicate their lives to The Oran’Thul and this guild thrives because of it.


Raiding is one of the biggest drives for MMO players. In some games(WoW) there are limited slots in each raid. In these cases The Oran’Thul prioritizes Hardcore members to fill these slots to ensure the best performance in raids.

Once content is on farm we will substitute Hardcore members for standard Members so they have the opportunity to obtain gear and clear content that they would have been otherwise unable to experience.

All guild group content including both raids and pvp require the use of Discord.

Loot Distribution

The Oran’Thul functions as an extremely tight-knit group, as such we believe that those who contribute most should benefit most.

How does this translate to loot in games?

A loot council system is the primary method of loot allocation in most games, especially WoW. This means that a group of officers who know the IN GAME contributions of members well, vote to decide who should receive each piece of loot. This not only ensures a fair distribution of loot, it also allows for the best progression as each piece of gear is thoughtfully distributed to allow for the best growth of the guild. The aforementioned Hardcore ranking would receive priority on loot.